Fees                                                 FAQ's

Individual Therapy ~ £50

Relationship/Couple Therapy ~ £70

Family Therapy ~ £70

Young People (under 18) ~ £35

The above prices are per session.  Each session is 50 minutes.


I offer a free 15 minute consultation.

What is Counselling?

We all have things that worry us, but sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint that worry.  Imagine a jigsaw when all the pieces are difficult to match together.  Talking about a problem within the safe space of counselling, is like sorting the pieces so we can begin to build a picture that makes sense to us.


How does Counselling work?

I work both online and in person.  Online sessions have become more popular in recent years as it is more accessible to fit around busy lives.  I offer online sessions via Microsoft Teams.


What about confidentiality?

The sessions are completely confidential. The only reason I would need to break confidentiality, is if I feel you are a risk to yourself or others.  I would, however, discuss this with you first, where possible.


How many sessions will I need & how often?

I work entirely client led.  This means it is up to you how many sessions you feel you need and how often. Usually clients attend on a weekly basis until they feel they have worked through their problems.  I offer an open door return for all clients.

Cancellations are subject to full fees, if less than 24 hours notice is given. 

I would aim to rearrange sessions to accommodate work commitments and holidays, with appropriate notice.

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